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Leveraging digital marketing in contemporary times

What can a URL Shortener do for you? - Let’s face it, regardless of whether you are planning to leverage digital marketing or not, your competitor surely is. With ever increasing amount of content being thrown at web users, companies have growing pressure of saying more using less and less words. In such times, marketers are looking at solutions that can save them the hassle and allow them to convey more using less online real estate offered by popular social media channels. [read more]

How to choose a digital marketing agency?

Industry insider tips from T2M staff author - Choosing the right digital marketing agency can be a make or break decision in your business' success. This article by no means is a comprehensive guide to shortlisting an agency, I am just writing this piece to elucidate what I think I have gathered so far in my experience that companies should look for and expect from the digital marketing agency they hire. Below are the key points one should definitely look for before signing the contract. [read more]