Shortening your URL?

Sure, T2M will do that at a mouse click.

* FREE and always will be — Unlimited URLs *

We also offer

Premium Branded Shortened Domains - Why waste tons of money for what can be done for less. We will help you finalize and purchase your custom mini domain. After that you just sit back and watch T2M doing its magic.
Full scale comprehensive URL tracking and analytics - As your links swim across the ocean of web, we will keep a tab on where all they reached and what was the click through rate (CTR).
Marketing insights and digital marketing support - Our team has over a decade of digital marketing experience and we will lend you a hand to optimize your online marketing campaigns in order to deliver a promising ROI on your marketing dollars.

Why T2M - URL Shortener?

  • Custom URL shortener - “Free”

  • Lifelong Access To Custom URLs - “Free”

  • No Obligation Website Audit - “Free”

  • No Obligation Online Presence Health Check - “Free”

  • Full Scale Analytics

  • Branded Custom Domain

  • Digital Marketing Services

  • Customized Social Media & Email Marketing Campaigns

So, go ahead and make use of it as much as you like. Happy URL shortening :)